10 thousand people lose their lives every year, 200 thousand people are injured

In recent years, the rapid improvement of highways in World, despite reaching international standards, approximately 10 thousand people losing their lives in traffic accidents every year. Approximately 200 thousand people are injured.
The main reasons of the accidents are the lack of use of seat belts and excessive speed… In other words, traffic accident losses are largely due to wrong human behavior. The biggest reason for the inability to prevent traffic accidents is that it is not yet realized how big and serious this problem is. However, there are sample countries that solved the problem. For example, in Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, deaths in traffic accidents have halved in the last 40 years.

The common reasons for this success are the effective efforts to raise awareness of the society, the correct use of the public opinion, and the rapid and correct conclusion of the solutions. While they achieved this, we still did not realize the problem. But we are not late, we can still succeed. As long as we can unite on this issue. Let’s not lose tens of thousands of our people on the road.


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