Pitbull canine are referred to as their origin warrior trait. It was obtained by crossing Bulldog and a few terrier canine in England. These canine have been delivered to America by American breeders and empowered by expertise.

Pit Bull canine weigh between 17 and 20 kilograms. Peak varies in women and men. Male Pitbulls vary in top from 44 to 46 centimeters. The peak of feminine Pit Bull canine varies between 40 and 42 centimeters. Pitbull canine carry the genes of historic warfare canine. They’re very courageous when confronted with their enemies. He was calm because of army coaching. They flip right into a good-natured canine.

It’s a very loyal canine. Pitbull canine, that are robust, muscular and agile canine, have particularly robust jaw muscle tissues. It can not take care of different animals or strangers. As a result of its aggressive function, it could possibly instantly assault animals. It’s proof against ache. Coaching is troublesome. However they’re among the best canine that obey their proprietor and household.


  1. NO Dog is bad the only way they get that way is if the person who owns them makes them that way. If an animal is mean it is not the animals fault it is the owners fault.And if anyone should be put down it is the owner.

  2. Not aggressive. He’s teething. I have 2 pair of pants with holes! Our golden started teething within 2 weeks of bringing him home. He would grab my pant legs and I would drag him through the house.

  3. All puppies are “mouthy”. He needs a chew toy. Everytime he/she goes for your hand or leg, put a toy in their mouth. It’s what I did with my GS/Dobie. It took him a year to outgrow the mouthyness.

  4. Its normal behaviour. Its called mouthing, he has tooth ache. Need a puppy teether, will help him. He’s also playful too, there is no aggression there. His little tail is wagging.

  5. My baby girl pit does the same thing. It’s playful. But if you don’t set boundaries of what they can and cannot chew on, it can get aggressive/dominant. I’d suggest looking into getting Pupbox.


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