My Car Experiences

Whatever the knowledge on the paper, German automobiles have magnificence that can’t be explained in writing or with words. Whenever you take a look at a 1983 BMW at present, you would consider how lovely it’s, as well as how technological compared to the year of manufacture, however for the Japanese it’s different. But if you look at any Honda or Toyota, or any other Japanese car produced in 1983, you will find nothing but saying “even then, everything was electrical”. I think this is the same today. Honda Accord with a 2400cc engine quantity attracts attention with its high engine technology, low fuel consumption and beautiful design according to the engine quantity, but also with the E-46 case code BMW 3.25 produced in the same years, it’s a full work of art with its 2500cc inline 6-cylinder engine. In tests such as performance, handling, fuel consumption, which one will be chosen even if Honda is forward? They’re automobiles that attract attention with unconditional high quality, preserving their worth even after 10 years, excellent engines and typically boring designs.


Vehicle Stance on the Street

When we look out the window of the car, the majority of the cars that are 25 years old are made in Germany.
If what we call the Italian car shouldn’t be Ferrari, they are not equal to the Germans in terms of durability and worth.
Although the automobiles that French people have built in the current previous are actually good, they cannot call the French, the Japanese, maybe the American, the unconscious feeling of everyone, BMW or even Mercedes, they cannot create anything like it. They are automobiles that keep tight even after years of use, that don’t clatter here and there.
It’s enough reference for me that the German automotive I have been driving for 10 years, after 2 Japanese and a middle-upper class French automotive with the seat beneath shaking each time I stop and stand up, is still as tight as the first day, regardless of having a serious accident in between. 


The View of the Person Driving German Cars

More than 100,000 different German automobiles driven by those around me confirm that mine is not any exception Aesthetics is partly a matter of style, it may not be discussed at size. However you don’t need to be an expert to see the prevalence of the material used in it. As a simple citizen, I believe; It is beautiful inside, lovely on the skin, it doesn’t rattling, doesn’t rattle, doesn’t rust, it doesn’t get highway noise, the material I see and understand is superior to the others, I have not seen a service face except for periodic maintenance, I don’t race, I don’t take part in the rally, I’m going from home to work, from work to home, sometimes I’m going to me. neither Hybrid technology, the number of horsepower it produces per cubic centimeter.

Automobile Technologies in the New Period

They’re automobiles with technologies that you really feel safe when you get in, and have an indeniable and justified title in terms of materials high quality and workmanship. When it comes to Japanese automobiles, they’ve come a great distance within the final 10 years. However, they could not transcend imitating American and German automobiles before. In fact, there are still some inspirations. For example, it is seen that Lexus, the “luxury” car model of Toyota for the American market, was inspired by some Mercedes models in its designs, and even tried to produce vehicles with the same options in the same segment with Mercedes-Audi-BMW manufacturers. However the Japanese have progressively left it to Korean automobiles which have this imitation and original designs. 


German Quality in Automotive

However still there’s nonetheless a long way to go for them to be compared to German automobiles, in my private opinion, German automobiles can only be compared to Americans and Scandinavians. Sure, the Japanese have evolved, nevertheless it seems difficult for the Germans to achieve the rightful place and image they have acquired in a century by producing a lot of hp per cylinder or consuming less than 1 liter … you may see this when you look at how many Japanese automobiles there are in a collector’s garage.


Of course, it should not be forgotten that tastes and colors are indeniable. These thoughts are my own, they’re my private opinions. I wished to share with you. Stay with love.



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