Drift methods

Utilizing the handbrake

That is essentially the most primary method. Whereas getting into the bend, the clutch is pressed, the handbrake is utilized in order that the button stays pressed after the velocity of the automobile is adjusted, the throttle knowledge is pulled from the clutch and the rear half that’s slipping is managed by throttle and counter.

Be aware: If the best cornering line is missed throughout drift, this system can be utilized to regain management.


As you strategy the nook, the gear is downsized and the nostril of the automobile is was the curve. By releasing the clutch shortly, the rear tires are locked, so the tail of the automobile begins to slip.Then, this sliding motion is sustained by accelerating. This method could be in comparison with pulling the hand brake.
Be aware: It’s the method that tires the automobile’s powertrain the least.

WITH POWER (Energy Over)

When approaching the middle of the bend (apex), the rear of the automobile is slipped by giving backside throttle. After that, the automobile is managed by throttle and steering. This method requires automobiles with sturdy traction.


When the automobile is near getting into the nook, it’s first directed in direction of the alternative aspect of the curve, ie counter is given. Later, the automobile is turned to the course of the bend with the impact of leaping (weight switch). On this means, the automobile that begins to slip from the rear is managed by fuel and counter.

Clutch Kick

It’s used to offer skidding by growing the velocity and releasing the clutch instantly in an effort to get the mandatory energy when the automobile falls from energy. It’s a consumer information that may assist many different methods in a drift method.


On this method, earlier than getting into the bend, the brake is pressed whereas the steering wheel is directed into the bend and the foot stays on the brake till the automobile slips from the rear contained in the bend. It is rather essential. In case of understeer, the pilot loses the steering management and the automobile slips out of the bend.


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