Pitbull canines are muscular, stocky, stocky and really sturdy. With further sturdy jaws and skulls, this species could be acknowledged at sight. Its brow construction, neck and brick-shaped head are very attribute. Their ears are principally lower and upright. Their eyes ought to be rounded and their enamel overlapped like scissors.

It can not get together with different canines, strangers or totally different sorts of animals. It tends to assault whatever the dimension of the animal. It has a excessive tolerance for ache. It is likely one of the finest canines in obedience to its proprietor and household. It’s comparatively troublesome to coach.

Nostril: Large openings. It might probably have any shade.

Neck: Muscular and barely curved. It extends immediately from the shoulders to the top with out wrinkling.

Shoulders: Robust and muscular.

Again: Robust, brief and straight. It has a slight inclination in the direction of its tail. Her abdomen is inward.

Chest: Deep; however not too broad.

Tail: Quick relative to the physique, positioned from beneath, tapering gracefully in the direction of the tip. It’s by no means curved or ring-shaped or lower within the again.

Legs: Entrance legs are straight, thick and spherical boned. Wrists are upright. The hind legs ought to be muscular, the heels perpendicular to the bottom and mustn’t flip in or out. Ft are medium-sized, curved and agency. The gait ought to be versatile with out feeling rolling.

Feathers: Quick, flat and arduous to the contact.

Shade: Any shade and sample is accepted.

Weight: It does not matter. The popular weight is 22–26 kg for females and 26–30 kg for males.

Jaws: Quick and powerful. 106 kg of power.

Foot: Foot muscle tissue are developed.


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