Pitbull is definitely a general name given to bulldog and terrier breed dogs. The primary dog breeds called Pit Bull Terrier are American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
Pit Bulls are dogs whose primary purpose is to seize bulls and fight in farms.


Opposite to popular perception, although we often see larger samples, the pitbull standard is up to 27 kilos and pitbulls don’t exceed 52 cm waist size. Although many dog ​​breeds that have the ability to fight are called pit bulls, the best example of the breed in this regard is the american pitbull terrier (apbt), which is recognized as a separate breed in America. The fat dogs with the flattened big heads shown in the pitbull horror news are the american bully. Many pitbulls are either some weak pedigree American Staffordshire Terrier (not the original strong pedigree), or the unspecified, muscular and bone structures that resemble the American pit bull terrier, which is the continuation of the genes of insufficient ancestors. Apbt, a sister breed with the same ancestry because the american staffordshire terrier, probably came about when two different people of the same breed cut up into subgenres over time.

Body Structure

The staffordshire terrier is a thicker and slightly bulldog breed compared to the apbt, but still very athletic and strong. Apbt is a thin, muscular, thin lengthy line animal with a relatively long nose. He has incredible energy and endurance and his pain threshold is very high. Some of the apbt are known as game dogs, ie fighting dogs. Dogs with the trait called gameness are descendants of ancestors with a reputation for fighting, and never all apbt fighters come from the gene. Gameness means basically fighting to the final drop of blood. animals do not have the ambition to persist until they die. They are pushed by a way of survival within the wild and have the intuition to escape from danger and retreat where they will be hurt, as they feel {that a} critical damage means death. For example, any dog ​​can react by moving away from a danger that might hurt him, however doesn’t pose an amazing risk to him, if he doesn’t hunt or protect an area. The exception to this are terrier-breed dogs with high hunting instincts.

Terrier evolved by selecting people with high prey and pursuit characters, and they have the instincts of following something to the tip, cornering, digging and killing the soil. pitbulls combined this stubbornness of the terrier with the strength of the previous English bulldog (not the bulldog bulldogs now), resulting in an ideal fighting dog. Opposite to what people suppose, overweight APBTs aren’t more functional, they don’t fight well. When they lose agility, speed, and stamina, their basic fight character also disappears. However, exceptionally, there are fighting champion apbt who can go as much as 35 kilos and above while preserving their body size and bone structure. Nevertheless, for example, an apbt over 40 kg is fats as it, or it’s likely to be a bully (bulldog break) or a mastiff break from one end.

Fighting structures

The gameness apbt from the fighting blood fight until the final drop of their blood, no matter danger or not, and if they constantly lose blood and leave even one leg in the pit, they continue to fight. Therefore, the legend that pitbulls fight even with three legs has emerged. In some cases, he may stand up and try to fight, even if he’s certain that he will die after just a few seconds with his internal organs out. This characteristic is present in only a few dog breeds, and whereas other breed owners withdraw from the fight when they think serious hurt will happen to their canine, brutal apbt house owners choose to attend till their canine die as a result of they know that the opposite dog will certainly give up and go away after some time.

Apart from that, apbt’s aren’t invincible within the fighting discipline and dog fighting is more related to the character of the animal. Although they are good fighters, there are various pitbulls which might be killed or badly broken by other breeds. animals don’t prefer to fight all the time and aren’t mentally in poor health like us, however we make them sick. They’re extremely most popular in fights because of their incredible stubbornness, cheap costs, energy to fight over and over again, light weight, easy transportation and nutrition.


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