Karayaka was a rare feature of coil color. The whisker is more common and the tiger pattern is less common.
The Aegean kangal-loving friends doubted that the karayaka’s were from the kangal race.
When I started working and researching in Kangal, to the friends of Kangal; When I said that the white and dirty white-eyed akyaka can be seen from this breed, as well as the karayaka offspring from thpurebred Bozyaka couple; Akyaka puppies are encountered, although not very often. However, they replied to me, “Land cubs are rare. Turhan KANGAL said that his grandfather had a red brown kanga years ago, and then he never encountered any offspring with this feature.

We reached the first samples in the district center. In the pen of Hasan GÖKAY, a local politician who trades livestock and meat, we found four puppies, two of them male and two female, born from the Bozyaka couple. Karayaka dolls were really beautiful samples. We learned from Hasan Bey that at each birth, one, two at a time, and for the first time, all black puppies were born. Father and mother were in the pen with the babies.
The next day, Elizabeth and Sedat DALAK announced to me that they found a two-year-old male black paw with tiger pattern in Dışlık Village.

The karayaka, brought to the festival competition, and Kangal was a good three-year-old specimen we could find. Later, we searched for other landmass whose existence we could learn. We came across and filmed a landlock family in Elkondu and Eğricek Villages.
In Kangal, the homeland of the Kangals, I had reached the landlocked people of Bozyaka couples. From now on, I could show concrete evidence to those who claim that the Karakals are another race or kangal vairation.
Later, an old land on the Balıkesir-Akhisar highway was the most magnificent and large specimen I have ever seen at the head of a flock, and I also photographed it. We must not forget; The shepherd dog named tiger, kept in Ata’s Gazi Farm, was also a black paw.
I hope I have clarified some of the color debate in Kangals. From the very beginning that the karayakals are from the kangal race


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