These days, there are dog breeds which might be bred for protection or attack with very wrong methods. On this video, we needed to the touch on these points a little and we tried to provide you extra complete data.

Dogs that do PROTECTION and scent skills are called SCHTZHUND. It is a training system. The main purpose of this training is to protect the dog’s owner and his relatives. Of course, not every dog ​​can carry out this activity, and a suitable pet should be well-trained till the training stage. As well as, it’s important to eat nicely and be healthy. There are some wrong practices among the many people. Practices such as keeping the dog in the dark, feeding the uncooked food shouldn’t be achieved. will leave you nose to nostril with. This training could be very difficult and technical and a extremely expert partner is required. For example, by treating an enemy particular person’s weapon, the dog must understand what this action means and attack the enemy or assault the suspect person with the (hold) command and neutralize him, leave it with the (KEEP) command, however still take note of the enemy. Dogs usually do probably not know how you can chunk until they’re skilled, however on account of skilled training, effective biting techniques are introduced.

On this job, provocateurs do what we name companions. That is why we are saying do not do that work. The provocateur is aware of very nicely how you can skillfully give the canine the fabric in his hand to a canine who doesn’t know how you can bite. This includes handling. To summarize briefly, it’s like the one who doesn’t know the artwork of martial and the one who is aware of. Nevertheless, when a canine learns the biting approach, it takes 3 seconds. In such a short while, it breaks your arm and tears your fibers, and you’ll faint and ineffective on this brief time. I think you understand the importance and seriousness of the job. The pet that can shield the person should always live with its proprietor and should not be mingled with everyone who comes house. However he should observe. It shouldn’t be in touch with everybody on the street, because the dog who receives excessive love and attention from people becomes sluggish and it is going to be very troublesome to name him dangerous sooner or later. It’s imprinted in his mind that persons are good.

For this reason, we’ve to adjust this relationship well. Always from afar. A novice dog who goes into the training subject is at all times made to feel strong and strong. A dog is never given force, at all times the dog wins. Man is at all times afraid of him, and it’s the same during this struggle. Right here the importance of the provocateur reappears.



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