Some say that there is no such race in nature. This is a funny expression. Let alone any dog ​​breed in nature, there was once no animal called a dog. All dogs, and therefore dog breeds, were drawn from wolves. The vast majority of today’s dog breeds are produced in different ways according to the characteristics people want. Pit Bull is also a breed that is obtained by crossing different dog breeds. Interestingly enough, the dog from which the Pit Bull is derived is the Bulldog, now known for his calmness and slowness. However, the Bulldog was an aggressive bred dog that was used in combat from the Roman era to the 1800s. As the name bull implies, it was an indispensable dog of the fight with bulls, especially in England. In fact, the meat of bulls slaughtered in England without fighting with Bulldogs was not even considered very acceptable at that time. The invention of human touring, these fighters used to be horrible scenes such as holding fire in the stomach or stabbing their feet in order for the bull to stand up. The dog catches the nose of the bull, immobilizing it, and just like today’s Pit Bulls, it wouldn’t let go. Bulldogs were turned into a soft and calm animal despite their harsh appearance, using ‘artificial selection’ methods after the banning of fighting in England.


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