He has a very self-confident nature with a cunning smile.
This stance can be frightening for some people.
Education about aggression should not be given.
Because these dogs are particularly aggressive towards other dogs and animals.
Most of the time he has a funny way.
It is a very loyal dog. He can do anything for his owner.
Although he often gets along well with adults and children, attention should be paid.
The feeling of protecting the owner and everything that belongs to him is over developed.
It is brave and also a very durable dog. Therefore, they are in a position to smash even their enemies.
It has a stubborn and upright structure.
It needs good training and, as it is a dominant breed, highly experienced owners are required.
They have no tolerance for other dogs and cats.
Playing games with them is an invaluable form of happiness for them.
It should not be left alone with a child or other animal outside the family.


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