The Pitbull is superior to many dog ​​breeds in terms of muscle mass. In this regard, protein-focused nutrition is required. But raw meat is not a meal to be given alone. No matter how much protein the pitbull needs, a protein diet alone will cause intestinal problems. If your vet has also approved raw meat, you can give your dog a mixture of turkey, low-fat mutton or beef, celery (with stalk), carrot and green beans. Excessive consumption of raw meat, or more precisely, raw meat and derivatives of all meals are not recommended for dogs. The most important problem is that it causes deadly parasites like internal parasites. In this respect, it would be correct to give raw meat mixes at most once a week.

        Pitbull breed reacts to beef. It is also not tolerant of high gluten grains such as corn, wheat and rice. In this respect, you should pay attention to these issues when you are living at home.


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