First of all, foods containing sugar (chocolate, etc.) should not be fed to any dog ​​type. Because the substances in sugar are very harmful and even deadly substances for the heart of the animal. In general, as a result of giving sugar to a dog, many heart diseases, especially heart attack, can occur in the animal, which can result in the death of the dog. The diet of dogs of this breed can of course vary from time to time, as is the case with most living species. For example, if the mother of the dog is not alive or missing, 2 meals of milk are given using a bottle for the first week or 10 days after birth. Of course, these feedings should be increased in direct proportion to the growth of the offspring. This can be used when the dog does not have a source to receive breast milk, otherwise the mother will feed her baby with breast milk to the required maturity. The feeding pattern changes after the pup’s period of drinking milk or breastfeeding the mother is over. You can increase the number of meals up to three meals after the milk feeding period is over, or up to 4 meals if you feel the dog is cranky or hungry. If your dog is in maturity from the puppy, one meal will usually be sufficient. Pitbull is not a very mobile, playful dog. Its energy is medium in this regard and it should not be overdosed in feeding.


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