Create a unique language between you and your dog. Shout at him in an angry tone to the extent that he understands your dislike in moderation when he does not heed your word. If you’re in a very difficult situation, you can hit a flick under his chin. Until he listened to your word and showed you embarrassment with his ears lowered. It is absolutely essential that your Pitbull’s behavior is under control. It should not act on its own unless you are truly in danger. Do not play games that will make him angry. You can give toys, bones to gnaw. This is a need for them. Do not neglect the daily walk.

There are two most necessary and vital commands for a Pitbull. (STOP! And COME!) Commands follow (WAIT) command as an importance after these commands. When you connect it to a place, it should wait for you there without moving. Do not try to teach your dog any unnecessary command or confuse the dog. Very important 4-5 commands are enough. If you want him to do something, first show him in detail. While doing this, constantly say a specific word, say that word until it understands what you want, if necessary, try to show it for the dog to understand. These studies should be repeated until you can easily make the behavior you want in this way with this method you apply.


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