In time, try to make the word you say aloud while applying that command, if the methods up to this stage have been applied perfectly, the dog will now make that command only when it hears the word. These methods are the behaviors that Pitbull should apply throughout his life, not for a temporary period. (ORDER-APPLICATION-AWARD) cycle, system. And for this to be successful, it must be repeated steadily every day.

The highest level of training is to teach your dog to be able to take commands with hand signals. If your Pitbull has managed to get a verbal command, make a hand gesture next to that word you said. Repeat this for a while, for a period of 1, 2 months to 2 months, by saying your dog’s name to make it react to you. Make the hand gesture you made when saying the command, just when it reacts to you. There may be difficulties at first, but when he sees the hand signal, he will be able to fulfill the command. Make sure you don’t let your dog know that you are afraid of him, because once he sees that you are afraid, he may have a hard time doing the behavior. Training dogs means being determined.


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