Pit Bulls have a very high tolerance for pain. They are not born as genetically oriented dogs. In fact, it is not an aggressive race. If the owner doesn’t care about his dog, doesn’t fulfill his responsibilities and doesn’t want to stress him and lead a good life, of course that dog will be antisocial. In fact, the problem is not the dog, but the owner!

When dogs open their eyes, they don’t know anything. If the owner tries to rush on people or cause different behavioral disorders, yes, that dog will think that this is true and will attack everyone around, including its owner. It is not an aggressive race. When the pitbull is trained alone, you can be controlled more easily and guide him in a more comfortable way. Pitbull training should start at 3.5 months old. First, he gets toilet training and basic obedience training. Later, they have the intelligence to receive professional training as advanced obedience training.


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