Many different dog breeds live in the world. These creatures, with an average life span of 15 to 20 years, are active day and night. Smell and hearing senses are sharp, and their eyesight is able to perceive blue and yellow colors much better. Again, almost all of them have 39 pairs of chromosomes. Similar to humans, they inherit each chromosome pair from the mother and one chromosome from the father.

Common characteristics of dogs include 319 bones in their bodies, excluding tailless dogs. Although their tendon and muscle structures are similar to humans in general, the upper part of their body is as strong as the lower part of the human body as opposed to it. In addition, the dogs’ body weight is almost equally distributed between the front and hind legs.

Dogs are included in the class of mammals. Female dogs have glands on their breasts and suckle their young. While many dog ​​breeds have eight udders, this number may vary. In addition to these, dogs first have milk teeth (28) and then permanent teeth (42). Canines in the upper and lower jaws are pointed and longer than others, as in all other carnivorous animals. They use these sharp teeth not only for meat chopping, but also for defense. In addition, the teething process of puppies is very painful and during this period, their gums may become red and swollen. There may also be bleeding gums from time to time. For this reason, anorexia and malaise may occur during tooth replacement periods.


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