No Oven, No Egg, No Flour Chocolate Cake

No Oven, No Egg, No Flour Chocolate Cake

Necessary materials;

Oreo Cookie
teaspoon baking powder
1 Glass of Milk (245ml)
Cooking oil
Low heat 40 minutes
Chocolate ganache

Separate the cream from the cookies and put them in a bowl. Put the cookies in a bag and crumble. Put the crumbled cookies in a bowl and put the baking powder on top and mix.Add the milk to the mixture you have prepared and mix. Add the cream of the cookies you have separated on the ready mixture and mix again. Apply oil to the bottom of the pan, which can be used as a mold, with an egg brush and feed it to prevent it from sticking to the side walls.Leave the ready mixture to simmer for 40 minutes and follow the formation of the cake as in the video. Pour the steamed chocolate ganache over the ready-made cake and cover the cake and decorate with the chocolate pieces you have peeled from the ganache.Your cake, which is made easy now, is ready and eat with pleasure.


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