How to Make Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe from Oreo Cookie

You separate the cream from the Oreo Cookies and take them into a bowl. You crush the cream you have separated, add 40 grams of condensed milk and continue to mix. You take 200 grams of whipped cream in a separate bowl and whisk it and wait for it to concentrate for 5-6 minutes. Then you add these two mixes together and continue the mixing process. Put some of the cookies you have emptied in a bag, crumble and powder them and throw them into the mixes. Mix the mixture completely, put it into molds and deepfreze. Let it cool until it turns into ice cream. Place the outer part of the cookies you have poured the cream on, above and below the ice cream you have removed from the mold. Enjoy your meal.

8 Oreo Cookies
40 grams of condensed milk
200 grams of Whipped Cream
10 Oreo Cookies
5 hours freeze


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