Yield: Serves 10  people                         

Product Specs;

Rigate Pasta, boiled al dente, use 3.3. Lbs raw                                                               

Gruyere Cheese, grated (to put in sauce)      0.3,5 Lbs             

Gruyere Cheese, grated (for topping)         0.3,6 Lbs             

Cream Heavy     0.4,5 quarts       


Freshly ground Black pepper                                   

Cayenne pepper                                           

Chives chopped   1/4 cup

Butter, cubed and cold (not soft or melted)  0.1,5 Lbs             


Onions, thinly sliced    0.7,7 Lbs             

SIDINGS: Garlic bread 1 each    10 each               

SIDINGS: Parmesan Cheese  




1.            Add cream to pan, add butter cubes, nutmeg, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, gruyere cheese, bring to boil

2.            Add hot pasta and toss, check seasoning

3.            Sauté the onions

4.            Add pasta to serving dish, Place a thin layer of sautéed onions and on the onions place a thin layer of grated Gruyere cheese. Place another layer of pasta with the sauce, another layer of onions and on the onions a layer of grated Gruyere cheese. Top with a little sauce and spread on the top gruyere cheese, lightly dust with cayenne

5.            Brown under salamander until hot and until the Gruyere cheese has gratinated

6.            Serve with sidings of garlic bread and Parmesan cheese


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