Very easy to prepare Breakfast, all products available, takes minimal time. All you have to do is put everything in a pan and send it to the stove, after 10 minutes a delicious breakfast is ready for the whole family.

Breakfast Ingredients:
pita – 4 round (can be cut from regular)
eggs – 3 pcs.
salt, pepper
sausage – 100 g
cheese – 120 g
tomato – 1 piece
butter – 10 g
Grease a pan with butter. Salt the eggs and add pepper to taste, mix. Pour half the eggs into the pan. Put the first pita bread, sausage and grated cheese on top, then put the pita, tomato and cheese again. Next is pita, sausage, cheese, and the fourth pita bread. Spread the remaining egg over the pita, cover and place on a low heat. After five minutes, turn over and cover again, fry for another five minutes. Breakfast is ready.
Enjoy your meal.


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