Cookie Jelly Cake

Pandan extract can be found in Asian store, the use of pandan extract depends on your desired. The less you use, the less green will be. If available you can make juice from pandan leaves, in that case, adjust the water in the recipe. The sugar in this recipe is adjustable. Agar-agar contain high fiber and can be used as a substitute for gelatin for vegetarians.

Plain jelly :
600ml water
100g granulated sugar
1 package (7g) plain/clear Agar-agar powder (transparent)
125g (small package) butter cookies

Pandan jelly :

reserve 1/4 for chocolate jelly
350ml water
100g granulated sugar
125ml coconut milk
1 large egg, beaten
1 teaspoon full (or less) pandan extract
1 package (7g) plain/clear agar-agar powder

Chocolate jelly :
(chocolate agar-agar powder is available)
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
150ml milk
1/4 part of plain jelly (from the recipe above)


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