Knitting options are increasing nowadays. The fact that it has a wide perspective in terms of style and usage makes it preferred by fashion designers. Even in baby fashion, many options are used today. It is also possible to list many reasons to choose one.

There are also knitted baby neck collar models among the baby knitting models with their own skills. In this section, you will be able to see common uses. These styles, which are suitable for those who do not prefer to use berets or hats, will provide a convenience like two birds with one stone. Apart from plain knitting models, many knitting models can be suitable for knitted baby collar samples. You can increase your preferences for colors and wool usage among knitted baby collar models.

It will be easy to choose from self-patterned models such as braids, crocodile models, diamond models, double brass samples, Thessaloniki and twirl. It is also possible to make decorations on the neck collar. You can make headphones on the head. It is possible to decorate the neck collar with pompom. It will also be possible to apply with the button.


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