Trdelnik is Slovak sweet pastry originally from Transylvania, Romania. Also popular in other European countries such Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. You can choose your favorite toppings.

There are many legends and debates about the origin of Trdelník. But it is said that it first appeared in Skalica, a city in Slovakia, neighboring the Czech Republic. The real owner of this recipe is a cook brought in from Transylvania by retired Bulgarian general József Gvadányi! Later, Trdelník was adopted and developed by the people of Skalica and transcended the city’s borders. In the Czech lands, it was first seen with his arrival in Moravia via Slovakia. In Romania; It is said that Trdelník built in Transylvania and its surroundings spread to various countries of Europe from here.

Trdelník with Different Names in Different Countries;
“Baumkuchen” in Germany,
“Kurdskalács” (bakery cake) in Bulgaria,
“Prügelkrapfen” in Austria
“Skalický trdelník” in Slovakia


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