The Y-shaped twisted braid technique is actually a braiding method, and in some regions it is also known as T-shaped braid. As the name suggests, such a name was given because a knitting pattern similar to the letter Y appeared.

An important reminder We need to make a reminder about the number of stitches before starting the construction of the Y twist knitting pattern. The number of loops we will throw must be four and a multiple of four. Otherwise, it is not possible for us to fit our model.

Now, the knitting technique steps of the very popular Y twist model, which is among the knitting models, are as follows; First, we take our edge loop on our right bottle and knit our first four loops as harasho. Then we take our yarn to the back and we will knit the remaining 12 loops straight.

But first of all, we take the 3 stitches after the four stitches we knit as harasho, with the help of an auxiliary needle. We take the next three loops on the right bottle. After this process, we take the three loops with the auxiliary bottle back to the left bottle. Thanks to this process, I have done a right-bending process. Now I knit 6 loops in a straight line with the 3 loops I bend and the 3 loops after. Thus, we created the first bending.


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