Almost all of the ladies dealing with knitting and handicraft have tried to make knitted booties. For those who have not tried it, we wanted to present you a very beautiful and easy knitting booties. Our sharing of knitting models continues without slowing down. We are trying to offer knitting techniques and knitting models for both professionals and women who are new to handicraft and knitting.

I will not write the description of the knitted booties model you see in the photographs one by one, as you can see in detail in the photos. But I can say that the number 3,5 alize is knitted with extra thread. Also, the number of feet in the recipe is 38. To knit larger booties, you should increase the numbers and techniques in the model.

The most popular knitting models are booties. If you like knitted booties, you should take a look at the knitted booties models we shared for you before for different models. You can find examples of modern and stylish booties in this topic.


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